How it works

At its core, Parley Live is a social network. Every time you sign in to the website, you'll be meeting with the main feed of recent posts from other accounts to which you are subscribed. At the bottom of the screen is a menu bar, which is accessible anywhere you are on the website.

The six buttons are at the bottom of the website. 

Here's what each button does:
  • Home: This is your main feed where you scroll through all your free and paid content which includes, photos, videos, live streamings, podcasts, etc.
  • Explore: The compass search icon takes you to the explore section of the website. Here you can search for other creators of your interest. 
  • Shop: The shop icon is the last functionality added to our platform. Here you can sell any legal content digital or physical you may want to, including your digital NFT Art. 
  • Message: This icon takes you directly to the message section where you can start chatting with your community and subscribers. 
  • Bell: The bell icon takes you to the page that displays every notification you may receive or received during your active time on the website.
  • Profile: The profile icon navigates to your main profile dashboard which shows your bio and posts, among other things. here you can access your account settings. 
Going back to the basic, Parley works off a simple premise: You subscribe to free or paid accounts that interest you. In turn, people will pay for your content. Users can "like" and comment on your content if they are subscribed to your profile. 

Upload, edit, and post videos and photos

If you sign up as a content creator, to share any free and paid content on Parley, tap the icon you which on the main home page and then select the videos, photos, or audio from your camera roll to post. Parley allows you to select a maximum of 5 archives to post at once.

Once your post it's ready to go, there are a few optional steps you can use to take advantage of the platform audience. These are some of them: 
  • Add caption
  • Add hashtags
  • Tag users
  • Add location
We have some new features in the market like streaming services, podcasts, and shop markets. 

Parley Live Streaming

Parley Live is a feature that let verified users go "Livestream," broadcast live video from your device to anyone who's following you. Viewers can connect, and send tips during the live streaming service. 

1. How can I get the live streaming functionality?
To be able to live stream and broadcast you need to apply as a content creator. 

 Parley Shopping

The latest introduction to our platform, creators, and brands can turn users into customers beyond our platform. Millions of users around the world make purchases online helping brand owners to succeed in their businesses. 

1. Can I sell NFT Art using parley shopping functionality?
Yes, you can sell your art and NFT on our platform, it's safe and secure.